4.1. Options for Extending the edX Platform

There are several options for extending the Open edX Platform to provide useful and innovative educational content in your courses.

This section of the developers’ documentation lists and explains the different ways to extend the platform, starting with the following table.

LTI External
XBlocks Platform
Development Cost Low Low Medium Medium High
Language JavaScript Any Any Python Python
Development Environment Needed No No Yes Yes Yes
Self-hosting Needed No Yes Yes No No
Need edX Involvement No No Yes Yes Yes
Clean UI Integration Yes No (see LTI) Yes Yes Yes
Mobile enabled Possibly Possibly Yes Yes Yes
Server Side Grading Possibly (See JavaScript) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Usage Data No (See JavaScript) No Limited Yes Yes
Provision in Studio No No No Yes No
Privacy Loss Compared to Hosting Open edX No Possibly Possibly No No

(*) Custom JavaScript Applications